By | October 5, 2018

It is important for the employers to conduct communication campaigns to educate the employees about the need of health benefit schemes and how they operate.The responsible manager’s aim should be to identify the objective and aim of the health care campaign. To develop health care message that meets the objectives and aim of the campaign.Setting up the criteria for evaluation of the campaign


and also the degree to which it is getting conveyed among the employees. To implement and the campaign and make sure that the employees understand message that is being conveyed by the employer. It is also necessary to make sure that the employees also to address the education need of the employees with language barrier, literacy issues etc To conclude, an effective way to communicate about the health benefit scheme is the cornerstone of every business organization. In these schemes, employers can also guide and help its employees to select a scheme and explain every detail


they should know. The authority should also explain the new health scheme option and also about the changes in the existing benefits. To improve the health plan costs the employer’s must keep in mind the factor of low health literacy. Health plans and employers should also be able to successfully communicate with employees. Lastly, employees and employers should also be able to communicate clearly about the health benefit plans.

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