Keys to Long Lasting Health – How to Maintain an Excellent Health? New Tips

By | October 4, 2018

We know that good health is directly linked to healthy food and exercise. We know a lot about vitamins, minerals and alkaline food. However, we need to know the main keys for permanent health. This article is about some inside tips for your health. It is not enough to know about healthy food or exercise. It is not adequate to focus on your body and forget about other aspects.


Health is about the combination of all important factors. It is about the Holistic Approach. Our health is enhanced by the connection of our mind and body. Add to this your emotions. Good health is= Mind+body+emotions. And even knowing this formula is not enough. Why? Because there are many variables & secrets within these 3 main factors. We have to know about those secrets of: exercise, food and emotions. Let us examine and explain some secrets about main factors for better health. Main Causes for Long Lasting Health: Physical Exercise: The benefits are well known,

but do we know how to exercise? Any physical movement is no doubt good for your health, but you need to know the best way for exercise. Here are some exercise tips: Exercise for at Least Continuous 30 Minutes. The brain starts releasing endorphins only after 30 minutes of uninterrupted exercise. You need endorphins for your mood and emotional health. Also you need it for your muscles and heart.Do Not Over Exercise: Start slowly and gradually. If you want to run 5 miles/day, start gradually, say at first 2 miles/day, and gradually increase it. Over training can cause the heart to enlarge to an abnormal size which can cause future problems.After Exercising, Drink Only Warm Liquids. Cold drinks immediately after exercise can cause body temperature to drop too quickly. This can lower your immune system and cause flu. The Chinese are known for drinking warm water even during hot weather so as to maintain their energy level.

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